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Homeless Liaison Officer (HLO) Unit

The Fullerton Police Department’s Homeless Liaison Officer (HLO) Unit is comprised of multiple officers dedicated to assisting the homeless population in Fullerton. Utilizing partnerships with various organizations, the City Net, and Orange County Mental Health, the HLO Unit’s mission is to provide homeless individuals with opportunities to get off the streets and into permanent housing. HLO’s conduct Homeless Outreach each week in partnership with these organizations, and work every day to address the needs of the community.


While every police officer is trained in how to assist the homeless population, the HLO Unit has direct contact with Orange County Social Services and relationships with numerous support services that are critical to helping the homeless. They also have a Clinician from Orange County Mental Health with them, in their car police car, 4 days a week to help not only the homeless population in but also those suffering from mental health issues as well.

City Net to assist our HLO Program with homeless street outreach and case management services as part of the City’s participation in the North Orange County Public Safety Task Force.

Fullerton Collaborative which strives to bring services together so resources are utilized to their highest potential.

City Net has worked in north Orange County since 2014 to help thousands of homeless neighbors to obtain appropriate supportive services, including assistance in obtaining permanent housing, medical health treatment, mental health treatment, counseling, supervision, and other services essential for achieving independent living; housing stability case management; and access to other Federal, State, local, or private assistance available to assist homeless neighbors in obtaining housing stability.

Overall, more than 2,100 homeless neighbors have exited the streets (county-wide) through the collaborative efforts led by City Net and hundreds of regional service provider partners, with a retention rate of 93% after 12 months.

Looking for ways to help the homeless? Visit www.cityoffullerton.com/homeless and www.citynet.org for more information.

Need help? Email Outreach@CityNet.org or call City Net’s outreach line (714) 451-6198.

Need to contact a Homeless Liaison Officer?

Officer Bryan Franco– bfranco@fullertonpd.org
Officer Max Raj- mraj@fullertonpd.org

HLO Supervisor - Sgt. Cicciarelli tcicciarelli@fullertonpd.org