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Victim Notification (VINE)

VINE is an acronym for the Victim Information and Notification Everyday. It is an online version of the National Victim Notification Network. VINE is a computerized telephone service for crime victims in Orange County, offered by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The purpose of the service is to provide crime victims continuous access to vital inmate information.

How Do I Use VINE?

By calling the VINE hotline at (800) 721-8021, a victim can determine the custody status of an inmate and register to be notified upon the release of that inmate.

Using a touchtone telephone, dial (800) 721-8021. Follow the prompts given by the system. To check custody status, the victim should have the following:

  • Inmate’s Name
  • Inmate’s Date of Birth or Case Number

You can also visit their website at https://vinelink.vineapps.com/search/CA

How Do I Register with VINE?

After calling the toll free number listed above, and identifying the correct inmate, VINE will give the option to register for a telephone number to call for notification and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that will be used to confirm notification.

What Is a PIN?

The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is used by the VINE system to confirm that the correct victim has been notified of release. The victim should use a number that will be easy to remember. Entering a PIN number is the only way to stop VINE notification calls.

How Does VINE Notify a Victim?

When an inmate is transferred or release, the VINE system checks a list of registered victims and automatically places a call to the telephone numbers that are registered for that particular inmate. When the victim answers a notification call, VINE will deliver a computer generated message informing the victim of the inmate's new status. VINE will then ask for the PIN code to discontinue any further calls. If VINE reaches an answering machine, it will leave a message but will continue to try to reach the victim for 24 hours or until a correct PIN code is entered.

Important Facts

  • All registrations are anonymous.
  • Victims are called at the time of release. Do not be startled if VINE calls in the middle of the night.
  • Entering the correct PIN code is the only way to stop VINE notification calls.

Important Note for VINE Users

  • For inmates convicted of stalking or of felonies involving domestic violence, victims, family members of victims and witnesses all may register with VINE to receive notification.
  • A victim should not depend on the VINE system or any other program for his/her safety. If he/she feels threatened, take precautions as if the inmate were already released.
  • Information about the VINE program may be accessed at VINE Online.