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Community Crime Map

The Fullerton Police Department has joined forces with Lexus Nexus to provide state-of-the-art crime mapping for the City of Fullerton. This system allows users to view where and when crime is occurring in the City.

How Does It Work?

By logging into the Community Crime Map, users can look at the entire City or zoom in to a specific area. Users are prompted to enter the search criteria in the left hand column. Each area is expandable to allow users to select a date range, type of crime and area specific to their search.

Why Is This Important?

Fullerton Police Department utilizes the Intelligence-led policing model to help predict and prevent crimes from occurring. While no one can predict all crime accurately, by looking at the historical crime patterns, we can better predict where crimes are likely to occur which allows us to better utilize limited resources.

The Fullerton Police Department relies on our community partnerships in order to help us in the battle against crime. When residents become informed about crime in their neighborhoods, they are better prepared to take steps to deter that crime. By working together, we can work to reduce crime in our community. Lexus Nexus is just one more tool to accomplish that task.