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Pay-to-Stay Program

The Fullerton City Jail offers a Pay-to-Stay Program for individuals given the opportunity to serve their sentence in an alternate sentencing program. This is a fee-based program available to qualified men who have been convicted and sentenced to serve time in a city jail. We are only able to accept inmates who have been convicted of a non-violent misdemeanor crime.

The Pay-To-Stay Inmate Program is an alternative to serving a sentence in County Jail. With the permission of the sentencing Court, men may select to serve their sentence in the Fullerton City Jail as inmate workers.

  • Sentences are served on consecutive days, to include weekends.
    • We are unable to accept “weekender” inmates.
  • Pay-To-Stay Inmates are housed separate from all other inmates and will have minimal contact with non-sentenced inmates.
  • Pay-To-Stay Inmates assist with minor chores during their stay.
    • These chores include cleaning, laundry, trash removal, etc.
  • Applicants to this program who are unwilling or unable to follow the rules and instructions given by the jail staff will be dismissed from the program and will have to serve the remainder of their sentence at Orange County Jail.

The Fullerton City Jail is limited in size and ability to house all types of inmates. Due to these limitations, we do have some restrictions. In order to ensure that we are able to meet the inmate needs, all applicants need to:

Sumit an application

  • PDF application
  • PDF application (español)
  • pay a $126 processing fee (This is non-refundable and must be paid in cash.)
  • complete a medical questionnaire,
  • and be interviewed prior to receiving approval to enroll in one of our programs.
  • Once an application is received, the Jail Supervisor will contact the applicant and schedule an interview to discuss the program.

Program Cost

  • The Pay-To-Stay Program costs $127.00 each day.
  • Accepted applicants will be required to pay the full amount on the first day of their sentence.
  • There is no exception to this rule.
  • Unfortunately, applicants who are unable to pay the full amount at check in time cannot serve their sentence at the Fullerton City Jail.

Once the sentence is successfully completed, the inmate will receive a letter of completion.

If you are interested in applying for the Pay-To-Stay Programs, contact the Jail Supervisor at 714.738-6800.

Download and complete this application and bring it to the interview with the Jail Supervisor.

Inmate privileges and allowed items into the Fullerton City Jail.