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Alarm Permits & Response Fees

Who needs an Alarm System Permit?

In accordance with Fullerton Municipal Code any individual or business with a functioning alarm system installed at their residence or place of business in the City of Fullerton must obtain an Alarm System Permit. When filling out the form, please type or print clearly in ink.

What is the purpose of an Alarm System Permit?

To give Police and Emergency Personnel adequate contact telephone numbers in case of an emergency. It also gives the Police a list of responsible parties who can respond to the alarm location in the event of a break-in.

To obtain an Alarm System Permit:

  • Download and complete the Alarm System Permit Form. Mail it with your total due to the address listed below. If you need any assistance please contact our office at (714) 738-6529.
  • You may also apply in person in the Administrative Services Department, found on the third floor of City Hall.

Alarm System Permit Fee

Small Commercial (less than 10,000 sq. ft. )
Large Commercial (10,000 sq. ft. and greater)

Annual Permit Renewal Fee

(permits expire on the anniversary date of their issuance)
Small Commercial  (less than 10,000 sq. ft.)
Large Commercial (10,000 sq. ft. and greater)

It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the alarm system is in proper working order at all times. False alarms are a substantial drain on police services and are subject to fines according to the following schedule:

Per Permit Year

1st - 2nd False Alarms
3rd False Alarm
4th False Alarm
5th - Every One Thereafter
No Charge*
$  55.00 Each
$155.00 Each
$231.00 Each

*The first two false alarms are not billed if a current permit is on file, otherwise the first two false alarms are billed at $55.00 each. The "Notice of False Alarm" left by the officer who responds to a false alarm is considered your notification of police response.

If your emergency contact information changes during the course of the year, contact the Alarm Permit Representative to have your records updated.

These guidelines will assist you in the proper installation of your alarm. If you have any questions, please phone our Alarm Permit representative at (714) 738-6529.