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Vacation Check Request


What is a Vacation Check?

The Vacation Check program is a no-cost program designed to assist residents who will be away from their homes and have no one else checking on or staying at their home (i.e. adult children returning for the weekend). If someone will be staying for part of the time you are gone, you may still submit a vacations check request for the period of time that no one will be at your house.

Who Can Request a Vacation Check?

The Fullerton Police Department only accepts/ checks residences located within the geographical boundaries of the City of Fullerton. Residents may request vacation checks of their property.

When Can I Request a Vacation Check?

Fullerton residents can request Vacation Checks up to five (5) days prior to the time they expect to leave. Requests received less than five days can not be guaranteed. Scheduled times can not last longer than four (4) months.

How Do I Request a Vacation Check?

You may schedule your Vacation Check by completing the form, then submitting it online. An email will be sent to you, letting you know when your Vacation Check has been approved. If you have problems with the link or the form, you may also call the Fullerton Police Department at (714) 738-6838 for assistance.