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The Fullerton Police Department's New Facility Dog, K9 Nubbin

[Fullerton, CA]-Motivation and support comes in many forms, including a cold nose and a warm heart. The Fullerton Police Department welcomed its newest staff member, Canine Companions for Independence Facility Dog, K9 Nubbin. K9 Nubbin and her new partner, Community Service Officer Kristy Wells, will be workingwiththose affected by trauma, and they’ll also be conducting outreach at community, school, and police events.

 Since1975, Canine Companions has bred, raised and expertly trained assistance dogs in over 40 commands designed to assist people with disabilities, to motivate and inspire clients with special needs, and to interact with victims/witnesses in a calm and appropriate way. K9 Nubbin was selected to work in law enforcement because of her unobtrusive and calm demeanor, which is necessary in a criminal justice setting.

The estimated cost of a highly trained Canine Companions facility dog like K9 Nubbin,and all followup support, is approximately$50,000.00, however each facility dog is provided at no cost. Canine Companions depends on the support of tens of thousands of donors and volunteers to match our facility with an assistance dog like K9 Nubbin entirely free of charge.

The Fullerton Police Department is incredibly excited about K9 Nubbin joining the ranks of our organization. Chief Dunn, and the entire Fullerton Police Department, are grateful that Canine Companions has entrusted our police organization to be the first law enforcement agency in Orange County to be placed with a Facility Dog, and we know that K9 Nubbin will have a lasting positive impact on not just our community, but all of Orange County as she provides support and comfort

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