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Yesterday, Fullerton Police Officers were dispatched to a grand theft report at a business in the 2700 block of W. Orangethorpe Ave. The victim told officers that she left her vehicle unlocked while she ran into a store for a short period of time. While she was inside the business, her purse, which was inside her unlocked vehicle, was stolen. The victim's stolen purse contained $14,000 worth of jewelry and accessories. FPD Officers were able to generate leads during their fo...llow-up investigation. As a result, Officers identified a possible suspect, Oscar Gonzales, based on video and other evidence recovered from the scene.
Plain clothes, undercover FPD Detectives assisted and they began conducting surveillance. The Detectives located Gonzales at a motel in Buena Park. After Gonzales was taken into custody, he admitted to the theft and he informed the Detectives he had already sold all of the stolen property.
Detectives interviewed Gonzales further and they were able to get valuable information on where Gonzales sold the victim’s property. After traveling to multiple locations throughout the area, and contacting numerous people, all of the victim’s property was recovered and released back to the victim.

Gonzales was booked into the Fullerton City for grand theft.

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