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4th of July Safety Tips

On November 6th, 2012, Measure X was approved by Fullerton voters allowing for the discharging of “Safe & Sane” Fireworks within designated areas of the City, on private property only, between 10 AM and 10 PM ON JULY FOURTH ONLY.

Please keep in mind that discharging any Firework that is not deemed “Safe & Sane” is still against the law, not to mention incredibly dangerous for you and those around you.

We have already begun to receive LOTS of calls regarding the illegal use of Fireworks. Our dispatchers, call-takers, and police officers are hard at work responding to these calls for service. Please be patient with us as do our best to handle each and every call for service, and remember, if we do not physically see someone light the fireworks, we cannot cite them by law.

Also, unless it is a matter of life and death, DO NOT CALL 9-1-1 TO REPORT ILLEGAL FIREWORKS. Instead, please contact our Dispatch Center at (714) 738-6700 to report illegal firework use

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