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Last night, Fullerton PD Directed Enforcement Team (DET) Detectives conducted a probation search on a male, Marko Ante Bevanda, in the 300 block of E. Wilshire Ave. Bevanda, who was on probation for forgery and identity theft, was subject to search and seizure per the terms and conditions of probation. Inside his apartment, Detectives located a sophisticated counterfeit manufacturing operation as well as a large amount of methamphetamine. A female, Shereen Habal, was also fou...nd inside the apartment and Detectives determined that she too was involved in the illegal operation. The suspects had a box containing brand new blank credit cards, which contained the new micro-chips in them, and several card printers in their bedroom. They were ready, willing, and able to steal holiday cheer from countless unknowing victims. Luckily, FPD Detectives stopped that from happening.