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FPD Reminds You to Report Suspicious Acitivty

Over the past few weeks, there have been several burglaries and thefts occurring along the streets of E. Union Ave., Glenwood Ave., Yale Ave., Princeton Circle (East & West) and along Nutwood Ave.
The Fullerton Police Department would like to remind you to remain vigilant and report any suspicious persons or vehicles to the police at (714) 738-6716. Also, please secure your valuables when they are not in your possession.
Those neighbors that have closed circuit or surveillance cameras please review the footage if an incident occurs and contact the Fullerton Police Dept. with the information.
The Fullerton Police Department reminds you that if you “See Something, Say Something”. If you have any information regarding potential suspects, call Property Crimes Investigations Sgt. K. Hamel at (714) 738-5336.