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Crime Warning Bulletin

Crime Warning Bulletin

During the first week of February 2016, there have been several vehicle burglaries and thefts occurring during night time hours in and around the Laguna Lake area.

The Fullerton Police Dept. would like to remind you to remove any valuables from your vehicle. Anything of perceived value to a thief is fair game and the thief does not care how he or she obtains it.

Most of the vehicles that have had items stolen from them in your neighborhood were unlocked. Those neighbors that have closed circuit or surveillance cameras, please review the footage and contact the Fullerton Police Dept. with any useful information.

The Fullerton Police Department encourages you to remove these items from your vehicle and to be on the lookout and report any suspicious activity immediately at (714) 738-6716. If you have any information regarding potential suspects, call Sgt. M. Hines at (714) 738-5336.