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Good Samaritan Sunday- January 16th

Good Samaritan Sunday- January 16th

This past weekend, a resident of Corona came to the station to report that she had left her designer purse containing jewelry and money in at a Panda Express in the City of Fullerton. The owner of purse estimated purse and the contents of the purse were at least $ 12,000.00.

By a stroke of luck and the kindness of strangers, a married couple dining at the same Panda Express found the purse a short time later and contacted the owner.

On Sunday, the couple then made the trek to the City of Corona and returned the purse with all of the contents to the owner. The owner was ecstatic and so relieved, she thanked the couple with a monetary reward for their kindness and honesty.

For the anonymous couple who made the drive to Corona to return the owners property, it meant the world to the owner and we want to Thank You as does the rest of our department for your actions.

Thank you to the residents of Fullerton for all of your continued support.

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