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Fullerton Police Department-Public Advisory

Fullerton Police Department-Public Advisory


Fullerton police on hunt for burglary suspect-UPDATED

Fullerton police are searching for a suspect believed to be involved in two residential burglaries and a criminal trespass in the evening hours of March 24th, and one attempted residential burglary Wednesday evening, March 25th. This third incident of the week occurred in the 2900 block of Ashcreek Lane; in the Parkhurst Neighborhood.

In the most recent attempt last night at approximately 8:15 p.m., a female heard loud noises coming from the downstairs office. Believing that her Father was the one making the noise, the female called out to him. When she received no response, she became fearful and ran out of the residence to call her Father. 

Approximately one hour later, the female flagged down a Fullerton police officer who was patrolling the area.  There was no loss of property during the March 25th incident.

FPD is encouraging residents to secure their doors and windows and to report any suspicious activity; if you "see something, say something". 

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