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Police warn residents not to taunt animals following pit bull attack

by FullertonPoliceNews, Joel Foy


Two men were left with severed fingers and severe bite marks on their arms after a pit bull attacked them last week.

Police say the men admitted taunting the dog, who was a stray being cared for by a homeless man.

“This very unfortunate event could have been avoided,” says Sgt. Jeff Stuart. “Nobody should antagonize a pit bull – or any animal for that matter.”

Stuart offered safety tips when dealing with animals.

“We must always be aware of our surroundings especially when dealing with an animal we are not familiar with,” he said.

It is also very important to pay attention to the demeanor of the animal, he said.

Stuart said that it’s important to recognize signs of an aggressive or fearful animal and take necessary precautions. Those signs may include:

- Ears back
- Any growling or snarling noises
- Showing of teeth
- Hair standing up on the back

Added Stuart: “If you see an unfamiliar animal, use caution. Always ask permission before approaching an animal on a leash. Approaching that animal may be seen as threatening its owner and result in the animal becoming aggressive.”

Man threatening ‘suicide by cop’ arrested peacefully

A man threatening suicide or “suicide by cop” after receiving divorce papers over the weekend was detained for a mental evaluation.

The man was on his way to mail good-bye letters, police said. Officers got to him before he could hurt himself, said Sgt. Jeff Stuart.

“There was some outstanding work by our officers who quickly figured out where he was going and got to him in time,” he said.

Police aid mentally ill woman

Officers restrained a woman last week, and took her to the hospital for a mental-health evaluation after she attempted to kick in the windows of a police car.

The action began to unfold after officers received a call about the suspect acting violently in the 200 block of W. Truslow.