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Sixth-grader gets to be ‘Chief for a Day’

by FullertonPoliceNews

It’s good to be The Chief.chief for a day

Especially when you’re a sixth-grader at Golden Hill Elementary School, and you get picked up in an armored police vehicle.

The ride in a SWAT vehicle ranked among the highlights of Tyler Klym’s Tuesday. A sixth-grader, Tyler was chosen among dozens of young civic-minded applicants to shadow Police Chief Dan Hughes in the department’s first-ever Chief for a Day.

Hughes said a note from Tyler’s teacher helped him stand out.

“He has a heart for service to help other people and is a great kid,” wrote teacher Jennifer Kester.

Tyle also received a tour of the department, met with detectives and dispatchers, enjoyed the tactical simulator with his father and even met with Rotar, one of FPD’s K-9 officers. He wore a blue Fullerton Police uniform and a chief’s badge.K-9

Everybody addressed him as “chief.”

The highlight?

“I liked arresting the bad guy,” he said.

Tyler and Hughes pulled over a “suspect” in a minivan, and Tyler put the man in handcuffs.

He also enjoyed a Hershey bar and a Sprite while fielding questions about the day in Hughes’ office.

What does he like best about police work?

“Helping people,” he said.SWAT