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More car burglars arrested; Lock doors, take stuff into house, police say

by FullertonPoliceNews

Police arrested two men on suspicion of stealing property from several cars in the 1100 block of W. Elm Street Sunday morning.

Officers were initially called to the area at 4 a.m., but couldn't find the burglars. They returned after somebody called 911 to report the suspects had returned.

The suspects admitted to the thefts and were in possession of stolen property. The arrests come about a week after police set up surveillance in an apartment complex and arrested three more car burglars.

In Sunday’s case, the victims left their cars unlocked.

"It’s sad to say but people are almost inviting the burglars to victimize them," said Sgt. Jeff Stuart. “Lock your doors and take your belongings inside your home. At a minimum, put anything of value in a locked trunk and keep it out of sight. We have even launched a campaign called 'Lock it; Hide it or Lose it to encourage residents to protect their belongings.”

On Friday night, police participated in the statewide “Should Tap” program where minors ask adults to buy liquor for them.

Over the three-hour program, six people were cited for furnishing alcohol to a minor.