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Parking Citations

Why does the City of Fullerton Issue Parking Citations?

There are a number of reasons for parking citations to be issued. While the list of potential violations is too long to list, some of the most common reasons for the issuance of parking citations include the following:

  • Parking in a specially marked zone (i.e. Fire lane, No Parking, Loading zone).
  • Parking on a City street overnight, in violation of section 8.44.080 FMC.
  • Parked in a Handicapped zone without a placard.
  • Parked in front of a fire hydrant.
  • Parked on the street on a designated Street Sweeping day.

The Fullerton Police Department is not the only agency that issues parking citations within the City of Fullerton. Local college campuses use their own parking control officers to issue citations on campus for violations, so if you received a citation, the information provided here is specifically for those citations issued by the Fullerton Police Department.

How Do I Pay My Parking Citation?

If you received a parking citation from the Fullerton Police Department, there are three ways to pay the citation:

  • To pay your citation by mail, send a check or money order to Fullerton Parking Administration, P.O. Box 3767, Tustin, CA 92781-3767. Please include your license plate number on your check or money order (do not send cash).
  • To pay your citation by credit card, please call (800) 376-2794, and follow the directions when prompted.
  • To pay your citation online, use your credit card.

How Do I Contest a Parking Citation?

If you feel that you should not have been issued a parking citation, or if you believe there are mitigating factors, you may contest the citation by submitting, in writing, the reason you feel your citation was issued in error:

  • Include copies of any documentation to support your claim.
  • Include your citation or reminder notice.
  • Include your full name and correct mailing address, including suite or apartment number and zip code.
  • You may also log on to our website for additional information.
  • Please note that any documents you include will not be returned.

What If My Citation Is for License Plate or Tab Violation?

The California Vehicle Code requires that all vehicles have the correct license plate and tabs properly affixed to the vehicle. In the event that you were issued a citation for this sort of violation, follow the listed steps:

  • First, make the proper corrections.
  • Then, have your vehicle inspected at the Fullerton Police Department or other law enforcement agency during regular business hours.

Your violation will be reduced to $10.00 dollars when you mail in your valid proof of correction and citation or notice within 21 days of the issue date on the citation.

What If I Lost My Parking Citation?

If you have lost your parking citation, please call (800) 376-2794. Please have your vehicle license plate number available. You will need your license plate number in order for anyone to assist you.

What If My Vehicle Was Towed for Excessive Parking Citations?

Section 22651(i) of the California Vehicle Code allows Police Departments to store Scofflaw vehicles; those with five (5) or more unpaid or delinquent parking citations. Once a vehicle has been towed for this violation, it is the registered owner’s responsibility to pay all associated fees before the vehicle can be released. If your vehicle has been stored pursuant to this section, you must follow the following steps in order to have your vehicle released:

  • You must come to the Fullerton Police Department Traffic Bureau, during normal business hours.
  • Bring cash or money order only (no checks) for the full amount of unpaid citations, including penalty assessments.
  • Once the fines have been paid, the registered owner must pay the storage fees (separate from the fines) at the Fullerton Police Department Front Desk.
  • A licensed driver must be present to receive a vehicle release form .

If you find yourself in this situation, you may call the Fullerton Police Department Traffic Information Line at (714) 738-5313.