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Chief of Police


        Chief Robert Dunn

Welcome to the Fullerton Police Department—an organization steeped in honor, tradition and service for over one hundred years. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the Fullerton Chief of Police. The department is committed to providing the highest quality service possible by actively seeking out those committing crimes in your neighborhoods, by engaging residents of the community and by fostering partnerships with local community based organizations.

The Fullerton Police Department utilizes a combination of traditional policing, such as patrol officers offering a visible presence, and Detectives investigating cases, as well as number of community outreach efforts both in person within the community and via our robust Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

Our employees pride themselves in their interactive skills and their ability to connect with those who live, visit, and work in Fullerton. Their dedication and commitment to excellence in policing have garnered the respect of those we serve, as well as other police agencies throughout the region. We are here to serve and will always strive to set the highest standards of professional policing excellence.

Chief Robert Dunn