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Safely Surrendered Baby Law

All Fullerton Fire Stations participate in the Safe Surrender program.

This program allows anyone with legal custody of a newborn baby (up to 3 days old) to give the baby to a hospital emergency room, fire station with the Safely Surrendered Baby logo or the Orangewood Children's Home (401 The City Drive, Orange, CA) staff, without identification or police involvement. Newborn babies up to three days old will be taken care of, given medical treatment and placed in a safe home. It is strictly confidential.

Optional Medical Questionnaire

Although a person surrendering a baby under the Safely Surrendered Baby Law will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire, the form is optional and is intended solely for the purpose of collecting medical information critical to the health and survival of the child. Any information that may identify the person surrendering the baby will be removed in order to maintain that person’s confidentiality.