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Fullerton PD Initiated Investigation Results in Charges Filed Against Former FPD Officer

In the summer of 2018, while conducting a separate investigation, the Fullerton Police Department discovered potential criminal conduct by Officer Jose Paez.  Fullerton Police Department detectives conducted an extensive criminal investigation of Officer Paez. During the investigation, Officer Paez was removed from public contact and assigned to desk duty. When the criminal investigation concluded, Fullerton detectives requested the Orange County District Attorney’s Office to review the case for filing criminal charges against Officer Paez, whose employment with the Department ended in May 2019.

We fully support the District Attorney’s decision in this case. While conduct of the type we uncovered erodes the community’s trust, and is a true disappointment to our own members, we want everyone to know that the actions of this individual are not reflective of the character of everyone else who works at the Fullerton Police Department. We remain committed to showing our community, every day, that we are an ethical organization poised to protect and serve the Fullerton community. We are committed to being first to hold accountable those within our organization who do not meet the high standards we set for ourselves. That is exactly what happened in this case.

Fullerton Police Chief, Bob Dunn, said in a statement: “We fully support the decision by our District Attorney to file charges in this case. All Fullerton Police Department employees understand the high expectations of the profession of policing and support accountability when those expectations are not met. We remain committed to continuing our mission of building trust in our community and situations likes, which paint all of us in a negative light, only strengthen our commitment to that mission.”

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