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Fullerton PD Citizen's Academy

The Fullerton Police Department invites YOU to join our next Citizen’s Academy, which starts February 20, 2019.

The FPD Citizen’s Academy will provide you the opportunity to see, firsthand, the inner workings of YOUR police department. During this 10-week course, you will be exposed to the many aspects of police work in your community. Students will gain an overall knowledge of the Fullerton Police Department, how we are organized, how we serve the community, and whom the pe...ople are behind the badge who respond when citizens call for assistance from the police.
This course is not meant to train people to be police officers. Rather, it is intended to open communication between the community and law enforcement.

Instructors are drawn from all levels of the department. Students will meet our Interim Police Chief, Bob Dunn, along with our Police Captains, Bureau Commanders, Patrol Officers, Detectives, Dispatchers, and other department staff members.

We encourage participants to ask questions and discuss those issues relevant to the topics presented. One of the major goals of the FPD Citizen’s Academy is to increase the understanding between our citizens and their police department, and to build a strong and long lasting relationship. Each academy participant will also have an opportunity to participate in a Ride-Along with a patrol officer.

Classes are Wednesday Nights from 6:00PM to 9:00PM. Sign up today!

For further details contact C.L.O. Maturino at lmaturino@fullertonpd.org or (714)738-3147.