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If You See Something-Say Something

If You See Something-Say Something

On January 22, 2016 around 1:30 PM, the Fullerton Police Department received a call from a resident stating she witnessed a woman steal a package from her neighbor’s front porch. The caller and another neighbor confronted the suspect who refused to return the stolen package.

Fullerton PD officers arrived on scene and were given a suspect description as well as a vehicle description and a license plate.

Officers responded to a location in the City of Buena Park where they located the suspect who admitted to taking the package and told the officers it was in her vehicle.  The suspect, Christina Herrera (37) of Stanton was arrested for theft.

The property was promptly returned to the victim.

This was a great example of the community looking out for one another and reporting suspicious activity. Due to the actions of the caller and witnesses, a thief was arrested and property was promptly returned to its’ rightful owner.