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Homeless No More-Rubina Villa and her children go home to Utah

Homeless No More-Rubina Villa and her children go home to Utah

On July 2, 2015 Rubina Villa and her two children, Albert (6) and Alyssa (8) came to the front desk asking for assistance getting to Salt Lake City, Utah. Rubina and her children were homeless living on a friends couch in Anaheim.

Rubina's husband, Alberto left for Salt Lake City approximately 2 months ago in an attempt to find employment. Alberto is a veteran and since getting out of the military he has had a hard time finding work.

Members of FPD, contacted Alberto to mak...e sure when Rubina left Orange County she and her children would not be homeless in Utah. Alberto said that he had two jobs and is living in section 8 housing. Alberto was very excited when FPD Officer B. Fernandes told him we were sending his wife and children on a greyhound bus to Utah.

With assistance from Coast to Coast, one-way tickets for Rubina and her two children were purchased. Rubina and her two children were then taken driven to the Anaheim transportation center where she and her children boarded a bus which departed for Utah at 3:20 p.m.

Rubina, her veteran husband along with her two children were very thankful for the assistance they received from the Fullerton Police Department and the Coast to Coast Foundation!