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FPD’s Explorer of the Year

by FullertonPoliceNews, Sgt. Jeff Stuart

At a recent Fullerton Police Explorer meeting, Capt. Johnny Delgadillo – Fullerton's 2013 Explorer of the Year – announced that effective April 4, 2014, he has enlisted in the U.S. Navy.

Delgadillo joined the Fullerton Police Explorers in February of 2011 and it was evident that he had the right stuff. He quickly promoted through the ranks and is the Post Captain, the post’s highest rank.

Delgadillo credits his time as an Explorer with giving him the tools necessary to meet the demands of service in the Navy. And a big part of that was based on the example presented by his advisor, Cpl. Alan Valdiserri, he said.

"He led by example. I saw the discipline and character he displayed both professionally and personally and it made me want to make something of my life," says Delgadillo.

Delgadillo entered the Navy’s Delayed Entry Program, allowing him time to finish his high school and prepare himself, both mentally and physically. He joined the Navy’s RCPO (Recruit Chief Petty Officer) program, similar to the Explorer Post. Delgadillo will start his Naval career on October 8, 2014 as an E-3, gaining two pay grade increases for his time as an Explorer and his involvement in the RCPO program.

Delgadillo’s advice to teens thinking of a career in law enforcement or the military – join an Explorer Post. “It’s a stepping stone to start life off right. Being an Explorer taught me independence, commitment and discipline; skills that are not that common anymore,” he said.

For those interested in becoming a Fullerton Police Explorer, Delgadillo strongly encourages you to speak to one of the Explorer advisors by calling (714) 738-6779