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Schools to answer questions following teacher’s arrest

Fullerton School District officials will hold a meeting tonight at 6 p.m. at Nicolas Junior High School to answer questions a few days after an eighth-grade teacher was arrested for sexual misconduct with two students.



Detectives arrested Melissa Lingren, 28, an eighth-grade teacher, on suspicion of several felony sex crimes Friday after she admitted to engaging in the inappropriate conduct with two boys, officials said.

She has since posted $100,000 bail, police said.

“Lindgren was arrested within five hours of the school district discovering the allegations,” said Police Chief Dan Hughes. “The speed with which this investigation was conducted is just another example of the excellent working relationship between the Fullerton School District and the Fullerton Police Department.”

School officials placed her on administrative leave, and described her victims as “two brave students” for reporting the conduct.

“This occurrence is in direct conflict of Fullerton School District’s zero-tolerance policy on staff misconduct, where the District’s teachers, faculty and staff are held to a higher standard,” said a school district statement.