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Fee Schedules

Technical Services
Audio Recordings (Non-Subpoena Request) $93.00
CAD Incident History $0.20 per page
Citation Copy $6.00 per page
Citation Sign-Off $17.00 FPD Cites
$17.00 Non-FPD Cites
Clearance Letter / INS Local Record Check Must have picture ID
$18.00 per Request
Notarized signature fees $10.00
Court-Ordered Bookings $109.00
Crime & Traffic Collision Reports $15.00 for the first 20 pages
$0.20 per page thereafter
DUI Vehicle Release $275.00 (as of 7/25/17)

Live Scan fingerprinting by appointment only. Our appointments are set every fifteen minutes usually during normal business hours Monday through Friday.
$22.00 rolling fee (plus any applicable DOJ and FBI fees).

We are unable to quote you over the phone the DOJ/FBI fees. Only after we have entered data into the Live Scan machine do we know what those fees might be. In some cases, the agency requiring you to have your fingerprints done, has arranged for a billing code with DOJ. In that case you would not be responsible for paying DOJ/FBI fees at the time of fingerprinting. You should check with the agency who has required you to have your fingerprints done as to exactly what DOJ/FBI fees you might be responsible for at the time you are fingerprinted.

Photographs $5.00 for 4 X 6
$15.00 for 8 X 10
$15.00 Proof Sheet
Police Photographs $29.00 CD with photos
$5.00 4x6 color
$15.00 8x10 color
$15.00 Proofsheet color
Police Reports $15.00 1st 20 pages
$0.15 per page thereafter
Private Property Impound Release $61.00
Public Fingerprinting $22.00 public, per card, ink or livescan
Purge Report Letter $17.00
Radio Log $1.50 per page
Research (Analyst) $30.00 per 1/4 hr. - minimum
$10.00 per 1/10 hr. thereafter
Subpoenas (Duces Tecums/Records) Labor $24.00 per hr. or fraction thereof
Paper Documents $0.10 per page
Audio Recordings $5.00 per CD/Cassette Tape
Video Recordings $10.00 per DVD/Video Tape
VIN Verifications No long completed. Refer to the  CA Highway Patrol
Vehicle Release - DUI $275.00
Vehicle Release - Non DUI $220.00
Vehicle Repossession $15.00


Booking Fee $379.00
Pay to Stay $127.00 per day
Pay to Stay Processing $126.00