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Pick Up Property

Since arrestees are typically only housed at the Fullerton Police Department Jail until they go to court, and are then transferred to the Orange County Jail, it is not uncommon for arrestees to want to release their property to loved ones. The Fullerton Police Department allows inmates to release their property.

  • Arrangements can be made to release property during the hours that the Front Desk is open, generally 7:30am-9:00pm.
  • Inmates will be required to sign a property release form, which is also signed by the person receiving the property.
  • All property must be released. Jailers will not open property bags after the bags have been sealed.
  • Persons coming to pick up property must bring a valid photo ID.
  • Property seized as evidence will not be released, prior to the disposition of the case.

Any questions or inquiries regarding the release of property can be answered by contacted the Fullerton Police Department Jail at (714) 738-6722.